When the war ended, Lissandros brought back the people of Aegina to their land. Aegina, Modern Greek Aíyina, island, one of the largest in the Saronic group of Greece, about 16 miles (26 km) south-southwest of Piraeus.With an area of about 32 square miles (83 square km), it is an eparkhía (eparchy) of the nomós (department) of Piraeus. Sharing cuttings with other Aegina residents, the … Ferry Athens to Aegina. The island’s small size and particular shape, combined with its relatively mild slopes – its tallest peak, Ellanion Oros, is only 532 meters high – and the many villages which are spread around, make the place ideal for hiking. During history Aegina was an important place and one of the main rivals of Athens. You may also like: Psiri – The New Plaka District Of Athens. The real occasion of the beginning of the war was the refusal of Athens to restore the hostages some twenty years later. Aegina fought against Athens in the First Peloponnesian War (460-445 BCE) where they were probably backed by the Persians who not only protected their trade interests but also supported the enemy of their enemy (Athens). There was but one war, and it lasted from 488 to 481. The real occasion of the outbreak of the war was the refusal of Athens to restore the hostages some twenty years later. 12,430), 32 sq mi (83 sq km), off SE Greece, in the Saronic Gulf (or Gulf of Aegina), near Athens.Sponge fishing and farming (figs, almonds, grapes, olives, and pistachios) are the most important occupations. Paleochora Paleochora, Aegina - credits: kastra.eu. The refusal of Aegina was in the diplomatic guise of "sending the Aeacidae." The island is ideal for total relaxation at the beach or in the countryside. Aegina or Aíyina (ā`yēnä), island (1991 pop. Tourism is also important. Special Aegina treats include a fabulous sort of pistachio nut, the splendid 5th-century Temple of Aphaia and the magical Byzantine Paleohora ruins. After the end of the Peloponnesian War, Aegina was not able to recover from the continuous clashes and warfares. As the island is small and quiet, things to do in Aegina are limited. There are no organized things to do in Aegina. Fishing village of … Aegina (Greek: Αίγινα Egina), one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 31 miles (50 km) from Athens.Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled the island.In shape Aegina is triangular, eight miles (13 km) long from northwest to southeast, and six miles (15 km) broad, with an area of about 41 square miles (106 km²). Aegina (Greek: Αίγινα) is one of the Saronic Gulf Islands, a triangle 11 km on each side.It's the closest island to Athens, reached in barely an hour by ferry. Aegina was a major power in the classical Greek times and for a period Athens main competitor. With or without Persian support, however, Aegina's time of greatness was over. The refusal of Aegina was veiled under the diplomatic form of “sending the Aeacidae.” The real occasion of the outbreak of the War was the refusal of Athens to restore the hostages some twenty years later. Enjoy the journey. Find all the transport options for your trip from Athens to Aegina right here. Aegina is the prominent Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, 27 km (17 mi) from Athens. The main reasons to visit are to escape the city heat for an agreeable old port, and to see the temple of Aphaea. How to get from the airport in Athens to the port of Piraeus, and how to get from Piraeus to Aegina. There is a small museum on the site that we went through in about 4 minutes, though someone with a deeper interest in antiquities than my daughter and I might be able to spend a longer time examining the ancient pottery that has been found in the area. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. How to get from Athens to Aegina with conventional and high speed ferries, details of scheduled departures, updated prices and how to reach the ports! Answer 1 of 9: Hello, I am visting athens for a few days in june however i have been told that the island of Aegina is a lovely one day trip close to athens. While Athens contains many treasures from the Ancient Greeks, many visitors can be a little overwhelmed by the modern city. ATHENS AND AEGINA, 510-480 B.C. That Athens had the worst of it in this war is certain. For a short time in 1829 Aegina Town was the first capital op Greece. That Athens had the worst of it in this war … Detailed description about how to get to Aegina island. Aegina; Athens’ laid-back little secret Of all the little islands in the Saronic gulf, this one is kept off the tourist map as an Athenian’s little secret; a small island just 35 kilometers from Piraeus, covered easily with a 40-minute Flying Dolphin (hydrofoil) ride or a 75-minute trip with a ferry. A small and charming island in the Saronic Gulf, Aegina will give you a taste of all the other Greek islands – and yet is only an hour from Athens by ferry. Like it’s neighbor, Agistri, the Greek island of Aegina is an amazing place to visit if you’re looking to spend a few relaxing nights on a nearby island just an hour or so ferry ride from Athens port of Pireaus.. Aegina is fortunate to not have fallen victim to mass tourism as of yet, and the authenticity of the island can be felt as soon as you arrive. Aegina is also famous for it's pistachio nuts. Aegina was also Achileas and Aiada’s hometown and they were both two of the most important heroes in the war of Troy. A one day trip from Athens to the Aegina island sounds such a nice idea! In the 2nd century AD, Pausanias, who visited the island, admitted that most of its ancient monuments were left in ruins, the old port was under the sea and generally, nothing really raised his interest. Rome2rio makes travelling from Athens to Aegina easy. Situated just 40 minutes via Flying Dolphin (a sort of boat-insect hybrid that looks alarming but whizzes along) from the port of Piraeus, Aegina is one of the closest islands to Athens yet remains mainly un-touristy in spite of its popularity with Athenians. There was but one war, and it lasted from 488 to 481. Its long summers and mild winters and proximity to the mainland make it a year-long holiday destination. the Athenians sended off to Peloponnisians the people of Aegina and they brought Athenians to the island. That Athens had the worst of it in this war … The refusal of Aegina was veiled under the diplomatic form of "sending the Aeacidae." The reason Athens had borrowed these ships from Corinth (actually it was a sale at nominal charge) was Athens’ war, or series of wars, with Aegina, which had caused it to build a fleet. Swimming in the wonderfully secluded beaches of Aegina is a … So what else is to love about Aegina? Despite seeing a significant decline in commercial and strategic importance during the rule of Athens, Aegina once again took centre stage during the Revolution of 1821 against the Ottomans and was subsequently designated the first capital of modern Greece in 1827, under governor Ioannis Kapodistrias. Aegina Healing introduces you to the energy of Aegina island. Athens’ modern concrete sprawl, noise, and pollution can mean visitors appreciate a … 87-93 his critics take a different turn. Aegina Healing inspires you to ignite your light, heal and create magic. For after these there were no navies of any account in Hellas till the expedition of Xerxes; Aegina, Athens, and others may have possessed a few vessels, but they were principally fifty-oars. He here presents us with three wars between Athens and Aegina… Of all the trees, the pistachio flourished the best. The date of Athens’ war with Aegina, which followed these events (Herodotus 5.85–88), has not been established. “During the summer [431 BCE] the Athenians also expelled the Aeginetans with their wives and children from Aegina, on the ground of their having been the chief agents in bringing the war upon them. There was but one war, and it lasted from 488 to 481 BC. History tells us that the cultivation of pistachios in Aegina began in 1896 when a farmer by the name of Nikolao Peroglou planted an assortment of nut trees on a piece of his land. Athens to Aegina day trip is full of discovery with a 2-hour stay on the island for exploring its rich history, archaeological and architectural landmarks – and allowing plenty of time to enjoy the island’s famous pistachio sweets in a cafe along the beautiful port. Aegina, Tombstone of a young man, holding a bird Aegina is a stony, infertile island with a surface of just over eighty square kilometers, south of Athens and east of Corinth in the Saronic Gulf. The Metropolis of Aegina, a three-aisled basilica with three red domes, was built in 1806 with the donations of the residents and the monastery of Panagia Chrisoleontissa. AT v. 94-5 Herodotus has often been accused of combining into a single war events separated in fact by half a century. Hiking at Aegina Unlike the other Aegean islands, with their harsh, forbidding terrain, Aegina is much more hiking-friendly. There is little water. Weekending Athenians spice up the mix of laid-back locals and island-dwelling commuters who use the island like an Athens suburb. Decline. Later in the fifth century BCE however, during the Peloponnesian war, Aegina suffered the wrath of powerful Athens that expunged the island’s population for allying with the Peloponnesian League. Step forward, Aegina Island: the perfect Athens day trip. At v. 81-9 and vi. In historical terms, there is evidence that the island was inhabited from as early as 3500 B.C. During the war in Peloponnisos (431-404 b.c.) You can find both high speed or regular ferries departing every day from Aegina to Athens (Piraeus) at almost every hour. i was wondering does anybody know the most convenient and quickest route to the island? The island of Aegina is quite green with forest and there are plenty of small coves with sand beaches. Traditionally, the island derives the name from Aegina who was the mother of the hero Aeacus and the island is named after her since this is where she gave birth to her son who became its king. Aegina and Athens (Piraeus) are connected with daily and frequent ferry schedules, especially during high season.