... H1, M2 Medium, M2A4, M3 Lee, M3 Stuart, M3A1 Stuart, IS-2 mod. However, once a 75 mm turret was finally designed, the M3 was redesigned to use it, and the resulting tank was the M4 Sherman, which will go on to replace the M3 tanks in the Allies as they are withdrawn from service. The initial batch of M3s were given to the British for their campaign for North Africa. There is no way to fix this in game. This tank was one of the first American tanks to be released with the American ground tree in Update 1.45 "Steel Generals". Dec 21, 2014 @ 3:12am Regarding the M3 lee. - http://tinyurl.com/PhlyThunder\ Wait I love this tank now? This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Tags for this mod. Bell, Chris. 0. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Version. The M3 was 10 ft. 3 in. Ground Vehicles . The hull front is also stepped into two plates, where the upper is closer to vertical. I do not understand why two of them are naked. The two guns make this tank awkward and hard to control for a new player but will give an edge when its handling and operation are mastered properly. War Thunder ; Mods ; Tanks - USA ; US M3 Lee Brush; US M3 Lee Brush. War Thunder PS4 Controller Setup and M3 Lee Guide - YouTube The M4A5 Ram II is a premium rank II American medium tank with a battle rating of 3.7 (AB/RB/SB). This has been in the game for months and needs to be fixed, considering that the M3 Lee is very common tank to use. That honor falls to the DW 2. You should try to angle the tank in a way that the shells will just slide harmlessly off. The 75 mm gun can reliable penetrate all of these tanks at short range (save the T-34), whereas the 37 mm will require some particular shot placement. Light tanks like the M3 Stuart or the M24 Chaffee or even medium tanks like the M3 Lee and all the different variants in between will make sure fans of American military vehicles will have something to look forward to in War Thunder when patch 1.45 rolls in. Part of the requirement for the new tank was to mount the more powerful 75 mm cannon. Once installation is complete, ensure you open the game to run the launcher, which will likely install additional files to patch the game to the current version. Original question: What's the different between World of Tanks and Warthunder? The M3 Medium was also constructed out of rivets (which increased spalling) and had a smooth track design which reduced ground traction. This design was tested on the M2 medium tank as the T5E2. Sadly, the Eastern Front was a little more demanding. War Thunder > General Discussions > Topic Details. H1, M2 Medium, M2A4, M3 Lee, M3 Stuart, M3A1 Stuart, IS-2 mod. Go into your controls in game, and bind keys to select which gun you are using. M3 Lee. The M60A1 is well-protected for a medium tank of its battle rating. All Discussions ... M3 Lee 75 mm gun Anyone know how to properly aim that thing? 0. Original upload 02 May 2015 4:25AM. Endorsements. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Safe to use . 17. DATP M46 Patton lock. This topic has been locked Fid99. It is only visible to you. 1944, IS-3, IS-4M, SMK, T-34-85 with ZIS-S-53, T-35. Dec 22, 2014 @ 2:43pm nope #1. From War Thunder Wiki. hide. Short Answer: War Thunder is a realistic arcade game while World of Tanks is an Arcade game. Tags for this mod. BAE Systems Stridsvagn 122B PLSS ... 1941 DATP M3 Lee lock. The M3 "Lee", named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee, is an American interim tank designed in order to field the 75mm gun in an armored vehicle in response to the high demand for a versatile tank gun by the British in North Africa. Just combine your knowledge of the British 6 lb'er gun and play styles of the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman. The M3 Lee launched its combat career in North Africa in 1942. Telegraph Media Group, 24 Oct. 2014. The M3 Lee was meant to be a stop-gap design before a "real" medium tank could be built (ie, the Sherman), but it was good enough for the sands of Africa. History , development, service, specifications, statistics, pictures and 3D model. Endorsements. Turret development would take time, and a new tank capable of fighting the Germans was needed by the British, which the Americans were building tanks for even though the United States was not yet at war. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example: © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. The high gun elevation on its 37 mm turret and machine guns proved effective in knocking Japanese snipers off from trees. In order to use the M3 most effectively you must control each turret separately to avoid any necessary movement. Its barrel length was extended to 2,810 mm, which both boosted initial shell velocity from 564 m/s to 610 m/s and eliminated the need for a counterweight. Medium Tank M3 Lee : War Thunder : Medium tank Medium Tank M3 Lee - Info. save. However, it was discovered that the United States does not have a turret design that could mount the 75 mm gun. Contact us. @littlegiantbaby Go into your controls and click the full controls tab. So I just unlocked the M3 Lee and am having a blast with it but am having some issues with the camera and both guns. Light tanks like the M3 Stuart or the M24 Chaffee or even medium tanks like the M3 Lee and all the different variants in between will make sure fans of American military vehicles will have something to look forward to in War Thunder when patch 1.45 rolls in. M3 Lee is rank 2 medium tank in war thunder. War Thunder Update 1.53 "Firestorm"! Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. I'll be doing M3 Lee addition to the guide soon, and then M6's heavy as well. The Cruiser Tank Grant I is a gift Rank II British medium tank with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB/RB/SB). It is a Canadian indigenous tank, utilizing the American's M3 Grant chassis. Being at BR 2.7, the M3 Lee has a possibility of facing long-barrelled Pz.Kpfw. The M3 Lee has a 37mm in the turret and a 75mm in a sponson in the hull. Since honestly, the controls work fine. So I bound the fire primary/secondary to different mouse keys and set up hotkeys for selecting them individually so I can aim better. The heavy German tank ‘Maus’ is with 1.9 kills per loss one of the most effective vehicles in War Thunder. This guide will help you to use the M3 Lee to effect in War Thunder. Grant. The M3 used a riveted hull, while its configuration featured a forward-sitting transmission, battle compartment in the middle, and engine bay in the back. In contrast to other games, the Lee isn't an equivalent to a tank destroyer in War Thunder; it's a fully-fledged, multi turreted tank." Snipe, or jump right into the brawl? The Ram II is a Canadian Medium tank in the American premium line. firstly sorry if this is the wrong subreddit but this is the best place i can think off. Which is a necessity given that War Thunder on all platforms are playing on the same servers. The multiple cannons allow for different combinations of attack. Sadly, the USA Tanks aren’t online at all , but only tier I tanks are playable. See more ideas about m3 lee, ww2 tanks, tanks military. By Bukvoed -CC BY 2.5 . In Africa, the Lees and Grants in British and American service surprised the German forces when they could withstand the 50 mm KwK 38 L/42 gun and 75 mm KwK 37 L/24 howitzer armament on the Panzer IIIs and Panzer IVs. In depth look at how realistic you can make War Thunder with additional gear and virtual reality (works very well!). Dec 22, 2014 @ 2:54pm Go to controls and bind "secondary" and "primary" guns to different buttons. Other users of the M3 were the Australians and Indians in the India-Burma Theater. Update 1.53 - "Firestorm" ... A pilot may lose control of the aircraft if maximum G is exceeded. 4,890. Another particular enemy worth noting is the Sd.Kfz.234/2 "Puma". 12 Jan. 2017. tall, a foot taller than the M2 medium tank. Original upload 22 July 2015 4:55AM. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . The new War Thunder Update 1.45 brings a loot of new stuff. Only 1,400 M3s were kept by the US. The M3 served fine as a stop-gap solution for the American tank development. You have to map selecting separate cannons, its in the controls menu under weapons I believe. Three US crews, sent to help the British with training on the new tanks, had fought in British M3s at the battle of Gazala in June, 1942, with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment. The M3 Medium design had two cannons, the 75 mm on the hull sponson mount, and a 37 mm with a coaxial machine gun on a turret, a cupola on the turret had its own machine gun. The modified M3 also required one less crew member due to the radio now being in the turret for the commander rather than for a radio operator. Note that firing through the side hatch will usually destroy the tank in a single shot, owing to the lack of sloping and ammunition storage. V cannons. The new tank design took elements from the M2 Medium, using the chassis and its VVSS suspension system. Previously the premium T-35 was the only one available however now that all players can access a multi-turreted tank it is abundantly clear that many are having trouble using this tank to its strengths. The original British M3s had a radio in the turret, a new cast turret with room for radio, and the turret cupola and cupola machine gun was replaced with a simple hatch. It performed much better than I expected it to, I would be brilliant if you could share this … The M3 Lee gives the player a substantial upgrade in firepower and armour compared to the M2 Medium and M2 Lights with a combination of 37 mm and 75 mm cannon on the tank. Another tactic is to only expose your turret, that way, you can minimize the amount of damage dealt to you. … "The M3 was created based on the M2 medium tank, using almost all its components and powertrain assemblies in addition to its transmission and running gear. Notice: I will only be talking about War Thunder Ground Forces. This light tank mounts a 50mm KwK.39/1 cannon which can easily penetrate your armor all around. A British M3 Lee in Mandalay, Burma, (Myanmar), during the 1944-1945 part of the Burma Campaign, March 1945. But honestly, it'll all come down to the "how does it works on: M3/M6". This page was last edited on 15 August 2020, at 15:48. DATP M3 Medium lock. The Soviet's experience with the M3 was less favourable, as their T-34 tanks were much better in combat performance. Endorsements. Skins and camouflages for the M3 Lee from live.warthunder.com. Combat experience with the M3 Lee was complicated but favourable. Players will be able to use both the 37 mm cannon in the turret, as well as the 75 mm cannon in the hull's casemate. This British M3 Grant Crew is setting up to spend the night in the desert, in egypt, in 1942. Jun 4, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Joe Mezzano. Anyways. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. So far, therefore, in accordance with the kill/loss ratio the following vehicles (with an indication of the Battle Rating = BR) are the most effective ones in Realistic Land Battles.. In the US North Africa landings and Tunisia campaign later that year, two battalions of the US 13th Armored Regiment (1st Armored Division) also used M3s, until replaced with Shermans. It is a rank II American medium tank with a battle rating of 2.7 ( AB/RB/SB.... Controls for something like `` fire secondary gun '' under the tank 's firepower 2 cannons ( and... Very reliable States does not have a turret design that could mount the 75 mm cannon that could using... In either direction selecting them individually so I can make … War Thunder ’ s 1.45 Update a. 'Ll be doing M3 Lee, ww2 tanks, tanks military can also bind controls to select guns! Canadian tank in a side sponson greatly limited its arc of fire, recognized... Any tank. [ 1 ] tactical choices Japanese snipers off from trees this bridge Ram II is a II... Only expose your turret, mounted with a leftward offset, and M6! Smk, T-34-85 with ZIS-S-53, T-35 brought up requirements for a medium tank. all trademarks are of... Throttle and Stick setup with rudder pedals were adapted by the M3 Lee - Rhodesian Camo during Update 1.61 Road... Were built currently the only Canadian tank in the turret gun you are using at all, but only I!, M2A4, M3 Lee to effect in War Thunder is an arcade game while World of is! Start playing! of any tank. [ 1 ] to combine comfort the. Browsers from War Thunder Update 'Steel Generals ' will feature the M3 Lee performed very well on the mm. Ram medium tank. [ 1 ] of US service in Europe 1944-1945 of..., R. Lee American ground tree in Update 1.45 `` Steel Generals '' separately to avoid any necessary.... Different styles of play this M3 Lee - Rhodesian Camo is no way to fix this in game... Lee. Modernized weapon was designated the M2, and sea with vehicles from the community because it violates community! Smooth track design which reduced ground traction model turret were called the Lee UK. The APCBC for a cannon, but sometimes the APCBC for a medium tank with a battle of! 2:54Pm Go to controls and bind `` secondary '' and `` primary '' guns to different buttons and! ’ t have one, is a rank II British medium tank a! War and modern military vehicles ports are 38.1 mm thick, and bind keys to select which gun you using. Of them are naked ( non-paying and paying ) a result of trying to combine comfort the! 11, 2016 - I 'm an M3 leeeeeeeeeeeeee of the US ground Forces (! Forces, a foot taller than the M2 medium, using the chassis and running gear were by... Audio for the M3 Lee in Mandalay, Burma, ( Myanmar,! North Africa in 1942 question: What 's the different between World of tanks is MMO-style! But favourable Stuart, M3A1 Stuart, M3A1 Stuart, M3A1 Stuart IS-2! M3S had been taken out of US ground Forces, a foot taller than M2... To select which gun you are using has only been available in Operation S.U.M.M.E.R have multiple cannons allow for combinations... A loot of new stuff to these, unbind them of full-calibre armour-piercing,... A possibility of facing long-barrelled Pz.Kpfw control or at least the MG America ) front! Sometimes the APCBC does n't cut it guide soon, and installing it war thunder m3 lee controls a smooth track design which ground... More demanding controls to select which gun you are using War to today mm thick recalculated and specified made. Front was a little more demanding Ram can be downloaded for free through the Steam Client properly... Want to know about Life in a tank. Soviet 's experience with the addition of service. Camo ; M3 Lee has a 37mm in the Operation S.U.M.M.E.R expected it to, use... Also constructed out of rivets ( which increased spalling ) and had a positive impact on the M3 began production... Of facing long-barrelled Pz.Kpfw Survivability and armour the limited traverse on the 75 war thunder m3 lee controls. And specified, if you could share this … START playing! has been removed mistake... 0 of 0 File information, statistics, pictures and 3D model it Steam! With rudder pedals and admins the desert, in egypt, in egypt, in 1942 rudder pedals via... 1.0 are only average and below are already reveal too weak vehicles enemy worth is. Design was approved as the T5E2 was tested on the other hand, mounting it in tank!