Eieren av Zipporah av kalvskinnet (Mimzy)sendte en mail med siste nytt..

Her er bilde av alle tre bassetjentene deres.

There was a really pitiable and sick Basset-bitch living in an animal-rescue near Husum. We have visited the poor dog and now she lives with us. We called her Cinderella, because she is one .Nobody knows, where she comes from. She has got no chip, no tattoo. She were locked up with 50(!) other dogs, living in dirt and excrements, she is 6 years old and had 10 litters, her eyes are chronical inflammated and she has epilepsy.But she has a heart of gold, and we all love her,especially Mimzy.
To see such a lovely dog so hungry and ill ,teared my heart. She came to us in may,so we couldn't come to Denmark. We hope, Cinderella can live a long time with us, but she is still very ill and needs a big operation in august.
Now we have three bassets again. It' s fine!