Looking back at 2009

Nuch Such Fin ch Nord Ch Lv ch LIt Ch Est ch Baltic ch Bassbarr Fingals Cave

Weekend 06.- 07. November Tarto / Estonia Bassbarr Fingalscave was BOB boh days. CAC and Cacib! Day 1: BIG 1 and BIS 7 - Day2: BIG 2! Thanks to Pirjo for handling him so well!!


New bitch for Kalvskinnet! CH Bassbarr Fingals Cave's daughter Björkwoods Dora will come to the kennel this fall. See some of the dogs behind Dora.

Thanks to Jon and Margret for this beautiful little girl!

NUCH SUCH FIN CH Nord CH Bassbarr Fingals Cave har nå 4 CERT i Finland sommer/ høst 2010. Helgen 9. - 10. oktober ble han Lithuanian og Latvian CH!

BIM begge dager!

STor takk til Pirjo Kennel Goodminds !!


Zahara av Kalvskinnet

Trondheim Hundefestival 28.08. - 29.08. 2010

2nd best bitch CK both days.

Hamar 09.10.2010

5th best bitch with CK. Congratulations to Co-owner Mette at Voice of Baritone!

Also whith the championship on her bitch Basooon Arien at Baritone!

Drammen 30.08.10

Zorbass av Kalvskinnet

CK, CAC and BOB, Group 3

Congratulations to Fred and Preben at kennel LINROW


NUCH SUCH Bassbarr Fingals Cave became FIN and NORD CH champion 31.juli 2010. Big thanks to Pirjo at Kennel Goodminds for showing him so well!!


CH Wilhelmina av Kalvskinnet

Became FIN champion 31. juni 2010

Congratulations to Pirjo Harmoinen, kennel Goodminds Finland!!

Yannic av Kalvskinnet

25 july

BIS-2 Junior on the Swedish basset hound Clubshow in Sweden

BIS-1 Junior Swede Sun's Ylva


Congratulations to Pia and Hans Andersson!! :-)

NKK Drammen 6th july 2010

Judge: Hassi A. Feyel

Zacharias av Kalvskinnet

1.JK 1.JKK CK Owner: Johanne Bjørseth

Zacharias "Devin" has his own Facebook page

Show-weekend in Tvååker, Sweden 09 - 10.07.2010

NUCH SUCH Bassbarr Fingals Cave

9. July, 2. Best male, CK and CACIB!

10. July, 5 Best male, CK

Big thanks to Eva!

NUCH SUCH Bassbarr Fingals Cave

CAC, BOB, BIG 3!! Finn gained his Swedish championship-title on July 3rd. Big thanks to Eva at Kennel Bassetstugan for showing him so well!!

Swede Sun Ylva CAC, BOS!

Photo: Bosse Thorlin kennel Wingmark


NKK Trondheim 04.07.2010

Judge: Christian Stefanescu

Nuch Nostalghia av Kalvskinnet

CK, Cacib and BOB!

Congratulations to owner Astrid Grenstad!!

Nuch Woferlow Dainty Dolly

"Heidi" became Norwegian Champion 5th of June.

Thank you so much to breeder Debbie Newman (UK) for letting me have this wonderful bitch!!

NUCH Bassbarr Fingals Cave is in Sweden for a summervisit at kennel Bassetstugan. Eva Kvarntun will take good care of him and also show him for me during this period.
Sibilja av Kalvskinnet is back at the kennel.

Results weekend 5th and 6th June

5th June Norwegian Basset club spesialshow in Hokksund. Judge: David Darley, UK

CAC, BOB: Bobass Jolly Jumper , BOS: Nuch Woferlow Dainty Dolly CK, CAC, BOS
Zorbass av Kalvskinnet, HP CK, Eiere: Preben Rossow / Fred Hallin, Kennel Linrow
NUCH Bassbarr Fingals Cave: CK 3BHK - NKK Drammen, 2BHK : Res CACIB
Zacharias av Kalvskinnet, 1.JK 1.JKK CK Owner: Johanne Bjørseth

Bassetspesialen June 5th

Wiig's Nasse Nøff CK

NUCH The Third Kind Vivienne: CK 2nd best bitch both days. NKK: Res. CACIB

Norwegian Basset club June 5th

Wiig's New Dawn CK 4 BTK

CH Wilhelmina av Kalvskinnet

1-2nd of May: BOB - Montenegro CH, Magedonia CH and Bulgarian CH!!

She is already Belarus and Russian champion, Baltic JW 09. And has 2 finnish CAC! Congratulations to Pirjo Harmoinen, kennel Goodminds Finland!!

May 1st.2010 - Stjørdal JFF

CH Bassbarr Fingals Cave


Sinsemilla av Kalvskinnet

May 1st.2010 - Stjørdal JFF


1 AK - CK - CAC - BOS


Xanthia av Kalvskinnet

May 1st.2010 - Stjørdal JFF


NKK Bergen April 18th - CAC, BOB

Zorbass av Kalvskinnet

Congratulations to owners Preben and Fred,

Kennel Linrow!


Zorbass av Kalvskinnet

On his first puppyshow 05.03.2010



Xanthia av Kalvskinnet

Surnadal April 24thl 2010

CAC no. 2 and BOB!

Congratulations to owner Astrid Grenstad!