T34 is a tank for flanking,this tanks is fast,good armor,not bad reload and a good post pen damage. Sloped army is straight up borked. 146 13 23 December 2020 Share the news with your friends! T34 Sign in to follow this Followers 1 T34 By BarbeNoire24, 19 hours ago in Ground Forces Discussion BarbeNoire24 0 BarbeNoire24 0 Recruit Member 0 3 … Its supposed to be played as a hull down tank, but with 6.7 BR against Tigers 2, whichs APCBC Hello, I have a feeling that most of the tier IV american heavy tanks are just too underpowered for their BR (mostly T34). 1943 BR 5.0 <-Mega Trash But German RB 5.7 teams are bad and lose to thiscrap Im usually coming across the 1940,1941 and 1942 ョン特設サイト&キャンペーンが始まりました! Today, there are a few T29s still in display across the United States, most of them residing in storage at Fort Benning, Georgia where they will be used as a display in the future National Armor and Cavalry Museum. According to my approximate calculations the APCR T17E1 should penetrate about: 550mm 0 1943 Skin No. T34-85 Br 5.3 <----Mega Trash But German RB 5.7 teams are bad and lose to this crap T34-57 mod. However, the demilitarization took down the T34 program as well, but the experience in this project help engineers in the development of the M103 Heavy Tank. Oh, that must be a different T34. The War Thunder Team Read more: Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. War Thunder Vehicles Open Golden eagles Open Premium account Open Special offers Rank V Yak-38 Pack $59.99 Rank V AV-8A Harrier Pack $59 Rank VI $59 … This episode we speak about the legendary T-34 in War Thunder… Great armour, a deadly gun… Wait, what armour? For all Soviet tanks! ョンアイテム が貰えるアイテムコードを封入することが決定いたしました! 過去の記事で私がオススメだと思う機体・戦車・軍艦を国ごとに紹介したので、まとめてみました。これからのゲームのアップデートにより性能が変わったりするかもしれませんが、性能が変わったらなるべく書き換えていこうと思います。 ? Modern 3 16 (Semi-Historical) IS-2 Mod. ミュレーターで描かれる基本無料のマルチコンバットオンラインゲーム『War Thunder(ウォーサンダー)』 Desert skins 21? 彩を購入すると200GEもしますが、ユーザースキンを入れるのは無料です。さらに、アニメスキンもたくさんありますので DMM GAMESは10月25日、マルチコンバットオンラインゲーム「War Thunder」において、映画「T-34 レジェンド・オブ・ウォー」公開記念コラボを開催した ョン・エンターテインメント!!10月25日(金)新宿バルト9ほか全国公開 (Historical) T34-1942 "Leningradyets" 35 I-153 "16" 10? For all Soviet tanks! 580 10 December 2020 Meet Major Update “Hot Tracks”! The T34 is one of the most mobile medium tanks going, it's faster than the German and USA equivalents while the Brits Cromwell line is far superior and they get excellent neutral steering. The T-34 is a legendary Soviet medium tank… or, rather, a whole family of tanks. 『War Thunder』の改善のため、今後もご協力お願いします! オート・メラーラR3装甲車両 が水中を進むことができるようになりました。 カロ艇二型(高速艇丙) :九四式三十七粍舟艇砲(37mm単装砲)を四式三十七粍舟艇砲へと変更しました。 According to Hunnicutt, the APCR of the T34 Heavy Tank in game is missing over 200mm of penetration in point blank. The Heavy Tank T34 represented an eventual attempt by the US Artillery Department to enhance the firepower of the tanks from Project T29. ?